Filming in Gibsons - Town of Gibsons

The Town welcomes and encourages filming in the area and has been featured in many productions over the years.

Gibsons has worked with many film companies to provide a scenic backdrop for television and motion pictures and is most famously known as the location of the long-running Beachcombers TV Series.

Scenic locations include the Gibsons Marina, Gibsons Public Market, Winegarden Park, numerous local breweries, and the quaint shopping area of Gibsons Landing, as well as the forested trails that surround the Town.

The Town of Gibsons has established Policies and Procedures for filming within the Town, designed to permit successful filming that will present the Town in a positive manner, with minimal disruption to the community and its lifestyle.

Film Permit Application

Filming Procedures

Map of Town Boundaries


For more information, please contact Town Hall:
phone: 604-886-2274