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What is a garden suite?

“GARDEN SUITE” refers to a detached dwelling unit located on the same lot as a principal building. Garden Suites are also referred to as laneway or coach houses

Why garden suites?

Garden suites use existing infrastructure to provide a sustainable and economical way to increase and diversify the rental housing stock. They provide housing for a variety of people, including those who would like to downsize, relatives of homeowners, aging parents, and renters who would like a detached dwelling rather than a condo or basement suite. Rental income also provides a “mortgage helper” for homeowners.

What’s required to have a garden suite?

Garden Suites became a permitted use in the Zoning Bylaw in 2016. Development of a Garden Suite or conversion of an accessory building for use as a dwelling unit in Gibsons requires:

  1. Location of the property within the Garden Suites Area (Refer to the map on the right for areas where garden suites are allowed),
  2. A form and character Development Permit and any applicable development permits.
    *If your property is located in an environmentally sensitive (DPA2) or hazard development permit area (DPA1), Archaeological Site, or if your plans require digging to a depth of more than 1.5m below grade, additional permits may be required. 
  3. A Building Permit is required for the development or change of use, to ensure BCBC requirements, proper siting and other regulations are met. A building permit for a garage or studio is not sufficient to permit use of the building as a dwelling. Click here for more information about building permits.
Please refer to the Garden Suite Development Guide for all the steps involved to develop a Garden Suite:

Garden Suite Development Guide

Can I build a garden suite?
OCP Development Permit Guidelines for garden suites


List of Approved Garden Suites in Gibsons

(As of June 16, 2023)

The following are properties within the Town of Gibsons that have completed the required approvals for development and use of a Garden Suite.

  Address Development Permit # (DPA8) Building Permit #
1 723 Dogwood Road (722 Blackberry Lane) DP-2016-03 BP-4811
2 726 Franklin Road (727 Harmony Lane) DP-2016-14 BP-4835
3 495 South Fletcher (Persephone Lane) DP-2017-05 BP-4852
4 729 & 731 Blackberry Lane DP-2017-14 BP-4897
5 321 Glassford Rd (320 Beachcomber Lane) DP-2017-15 BP-4906
6 354 Headlands (355 Camelia Way) DP-2017-17 BP-4950
7 623 Gower Point Rd (311 Beachcomber Lane) DP-2017-27 BP-4977
8 473 South Fletcher (474 Persephone Lane) DP-2018-09 BP-4965
9 586 North Fletcher Rd (588 North Fletcher Rd) DP-2018-23 BP-5058
10 348 Burns Rd DP-2018-20 In progress
11 745 Harmony Lane DP-2018-19 BP-5056
12 313 Headlands Rd (320 Wells Lane) DP-2020-23 BP-5175
13 317 Headlands Rd (326 Wells Lane) DP-2020-22 BP-5157
14 594 Shaw Rd (596 Shaw Rd) DP-2021-05 BP-5151
15 686 Franklin Rd (693 Franklin Road) DP-2022-03 In progress


Please contact the Town’s Planning Department with any questions about the Garden Suite approval process:

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