Aquifer Game - Town of Gibsons



What Creature am I?

Read the descriptions below and guess the name of the creature or animal.  Click on Who am I? to find out if you were right.

    1. I am mostly water and I can only move—at most—6 ½ inches per minute.  Dehydration is a major problem for me. This is why I make slime because it protects me when the rains stop falling. Who am I?


    2. I soar on the thermals high above Soames watching the creeks and shoreline for fish and for critters. I can spot my dinner from up to 2 miles away! I have witnessed the changing lands and melting glaciers here on this coast for millenia.  Who am I?


    3. I live in amongst the diversity and cycles of the ocean. Believe it or not, I don’t need to drink water! I get my fluids from my food.  I find my prey in the murky waters with my whiskers. Who am I?


    4. Circling up above, where the ocean meets the land, I wait to see what tasty treats you leave behind. Here’s my secret: I can drink both fresh and saltwater. I have a special pair of glands right above my eyes to flush the salt from the ocean water away. Who am I?


    5. I am the famous one who, born in a freshwater stream, travels far out into to the ocean and three years later, fights currents, predators and gravity to make my way back to my freshwater home.  When I make it, what do I do? Make more of me, of course! Who am I?


    6. We swim in tandem gathering as a flock where the creek feeds the open ocean.  Our webbed feet can feel no cold! We are always on the move to find food for our family amongst the reeds and boats.  Who am I?


    7. I move silently amongst the trees and across the fields to feed on the grass that roots into the earth and down to the nourishing water. Although I am gentle, I can jump 10 feet high, run fast, and swim far! When I feel safe, though, the creeks quench my thirst. Who am I?

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