Dog Licences - Town of Gibsons


Town of Gibsons Dog Licensing and Regulation Bylaw requires all dogs over the age of 6 months to have and wear a current licence.

Purchase your licence for dogs in the Town of Gibsons at Town Hall during regular business hours. Dog owners over the age of 65 are eligible for a 50% discount. There is no fee to license an accredited Service Dog.


Fees: Town of Gibsons Early bird Rate Dec 1 – Jan 31st
Neutered/spayed $22.50 $15.00
Non-neutered/unspayed $45.00 $30.00
Lost tag replacement fee $5.00 $5.00

For their own safety and the comfort of your neighbours, dogs may not be “at large” (roaming off its own property or unleashed in any public place except specially designated areas). A fine of $100 may be levied against any dog owner who permits their dog to roam at large. The Bylaw Officer may apprehend any dog found wandering at large. If the dog has a tag, it may be returned to the owner. If it is a ‘repeat offender’ or does not have a tag, it will be impounded at the SPCA located at 4376 Solar Road, Sechelt (phone 604-740-0301). In that case, the owner will be required to pay pound fees and provide proof of purchase of a licence (if required).

Gibsons Off-Leash Areas

Please note that dogs are prohibited from all sports fields, parks, and playgrounds with the exception of those areas listed below.

According to Bylaw 930,2002 dogs are permitted to be off-leash in these areas:
1) The Inglis trail, which can be accessed from the bottom of both Shaw Road and Eaglecrest Drive to the exit on Stewart Road (see map below)
2) All Beaches between October 16th and April 14th of each year.

Scooping and Other Etiquette

Town Bylaws require that anyone supervising a dog in a public area must clean up after it. Biodegradable bags are available at dispensers in all area parks and along the seawalk. Please bag and dispose of canine waste. Your cooperation helps keep our walkways clean and enjoyable for all.

When out in public, dogs should be under the control of their attendant at all times. This means not allowing the dog to jump up on people, engage in arguments with other dogs, dig holes on Town property, or molest birds and other wildlife.

Please be aware that wildlife, other dog owners, pedestrians and cyclists like to use these trails. For their own safety and the comfort of other users, please keep dogs in sight and be prepared to leash them according to the situation.