The Town of Gibsons provides a wide range of services to its citizens; everything from animal control to the provision of the best water in the world.

servicesPreventative maintenance and timely repair work are good investments in time and money, whether for an individual dwelling or at the municipal level. Like you, the Town of Gibsons is working hard to keep things in good repair and to make required improvements to ensure our infrastructure meets current and future needs. And like you, we need to plan wisely and work within our resources if we are to protect the assets you entrust to our stewardship.

We consider nature to be an integral part of our municipal infrastructure system, and similarly important to protect. Our ecosystem services include protecting such important assets as: the Gibsons aquifer, source of our renowned drinking water; Goosebird, Charman and Gibsons Creeks, which will play an important role in managing increasing amounts of storm water; and our foreshore area, which protects our local shoreline from sea activity.

Protecting and conserving these natural aspects of our infrastructure is not only important, there can be a clear financial benefit as well. One example is our 36 per cent reduction in water usage since 2009, which saved the time and cost of building a second reservoir.

Keeping our town in good repair is rather like renovating a home not only filled with family, but subject to a steady stream of visitors. We appreciate your patience when a particular project slows down your commute or temporarily affects the appearance of your neighbourhood. We welcome your interest and your input as we move towards a service delivery model where we are not simply maintaining infrastructure, but protecting our natural assets, and delivering municipal services in the most natural, energy-efficient, reliable, and cost-effective manner possible.