Aquifer 560 (Gibsons Aquifer) - Town of Gibsons

The Aquifer 560 (Gibsons Aquifer) is a confined aquifer that lies beneath the Town of Gibsons. The aquifer acts as a natural underground reservoir that holds and provides groundwater to our wells.


This diagram shows the aquifer, the aquitard, and the recharge areas.

Important components include:

  • Aquifer 560 itself – orange
  • The aquitard (or a “lid” of low permeability that protects the aquifer) – green
  • The Capilano aquifer which feeds our springs and creeks – yellow
  • The recharge area’s upslope – pink

What does the aquifer provide?
Aquifer 560 provides us with drinking water of excellent quality.

100% of the Town of Gibsons depends on groundwater from the aquifer, which is pumped from three wells located in Lower Gibsons and one well in Upper Gibsons. In comparison, about 22% of British Columbians rely on groundwater.

Our confined aquifer is a pristine water source that won our town recognition at the 2005 Berkeley Spring International Water Tasting Contest as having the best drinking water in the world.

Protecting our water source

The Town takes our stewardship of Aquifer 560 very seriously and has implemented several comprehensive programs to ensure its health in perpetuity.

Read about how the Town is working to protect the Aquifer  here.