Wastewater Treatment Plant

Gibsons’ Wastewater Treatment Plant removes 99% of suspended solids from influent before discharging into the ocean.

In today’s modern society we have numerous uses for water, both around the home as well as in commercial or industrial operations. This water becomes wastewater once it has been “used” whether for washing dishes in a restaurant, flushing a toilet, or as part of a manufacturing process.

The Town of Gibsons operates and maintains a network of trunk sewers, pumping lift stations and a wastewater treatment plant that connects the Town’s sewer systems. Together, these infrastructure assets enable the Town to responsibly treat the wastewater created by our community.

Gibsons’ Wastewater Treatment Plant was commissioned in 2005. Since then, the Town has consistently invested in upgrades and optimizations at the plant to ensure the best possible effluent discharge that exceeds permit requirements and minimizes odour.

In 2019, a number of optimization and upgrades were completed at the facility, including the construction of an equalization tank, a chemical addition building and a chemical delivery system. Budgeted at $2.1 million, the upgrades were required so that the Town may continue to meet our Provincial permitting requirements to discharge treated effluent into the ocean, and to ensure the plant continues to run as efficiently as possible.

September 2020 – Process Tank Maintenance

Between September 17th and September 30th, the crew at the Wastewater Treatment Plant will be conducting comprehensive maintenance work on the process tank in one of two Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR 1). This is a major component of our treatment process which breaks down and removes the ammonia and solid concentrations from our wastewater.

The much-needed maintenance involves cleaning the tank, repairing broken piping and replacing the membrane diffusers. The work is being conducted at this time as it is after summer holidays and our peak tourism season, and before heavy rains. Additionally, clear skies (vs overcast) help to keep the odours associated with the work from building up.

While this work is underway, we will continue to provide excellent wastewater treatment through our second Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR 2). We will also provide regular updates on our progress via this webpage.

Update: September 21, 2020 – the crew at the WWTP has been working diligently to keep odour and noise disruption to a minimum, and we remain on track to complete this maintenance work by the end of the month.