In today’s modern society we have numerous uses for water, both around the home as well as in commercial or industrial operations. This water becomes wastewater once it has been “used” whether for washing dishes in a restaurant, flushing a toilet, or as part of a manufacturing process.

The Town of Gibsons operates and maintains the network of trunk sewers, pumping lift stations and a wastewater treatment plant that connects the Town’s sewer systems.

Liquid waste management has an effect on our environment and the livability of our community. If we don’t take care to handle and treat the many pollutants generated by human activities, the quality of our surrounding environment will suffer.

With the commissioning of the new Wastewater Treatment Plant in 2005, the Town is always striving to upgrade and optimize the workings of the plant to ensure the best possible effluent discharge that exceeds permit requirements and minimizes odour.