Foreshore Seawalk Improvement Project - Town of Gibsons

imageProject Background

The term “foreshore” refers generally to the area between the natural boundary of the ocean and the lowest tides. This length of foreshore serves a range of uses. It is part of the marine ecosystem with supporting local fisheries. Along the foreshore is also a sanitary sewer trunk line. The service access road above this sanitary sewer is also used as a popular waterfront walkway along the ocean.

The objective of the Seawalk Improvement Project is to propose a concept that will improve the environmental quality of the foreshore area, ensure the reliable long term provision of sanitary sewer service, and accommodate recreational use along the walkway.

The concept will build on findings from the Foreshore Condition Assessment completed by the Town in 2014. This assessment evaluated the environmental value and condition of infrastructure in the foreshore area, and identified a number of areas in need of repair. Principles of the Town’s Eco-Asset Strategy, which was added to the Official Community Plan in 2015, will also inform the concept. The Eco-Asset Strategy highlights the importance of incorporating key features of the natural environment to improve the sustainability of municipal services. Based on this Strategy, the Town acknowledges that changes need to be made to maintain the sanitary sewer and walkway and to address sustainability objectives.

Conceptual Design Process

The Seawalk Improvement Project created a conceptual design for redeveloping the Seawalk/ foreshore area between Gibsons’ Wharf and Armours Beach. The key goals of the design are to adapt to sea level rise, to improve environmental quality and to maintain and improve the sea walk as access over the sanitary line that is buried in the foreshore. The final report is now available below. The Town is currently considering options to move forward on the proposed Foreshore and Seawalk improvements.

 Seawalk Improvement Project

A team of consultants was formed in early 2016 to guide the design process. The team, led by Kerr Wood Leidal Associates in partnership with other specialists, included engineering, environmental (marine habitat and eelgrass protection), survey and public engagement experts.

Community input was an essential feature in the project and the process included meetings with stakeholders and the public.

A public meeting was held on June 16, 2016 and a Design Charrette was held on October 6, 2016 with members of the local community to finalize concept plans along the seawalk.  The concepts were presented to Council on November 15, 2016 at the Committee of the Whole meeting.

Foreshore Seawalk Notices and Documents