Current Development Proposals - Town of Gibsons

These are the current development proposals/applications under consideration by Council.

1. 421-445 Gower Point Road - Rezone application from Tourist Commercial (C-2) to a new high density residential zone. Development permit application for an apartment/townhouse development consisting of 69 residential units within 4 buildings
Application Numbers ZA-2022-02
DP-2022-07 (DPA 9)
Application MaterialsProposal Summary
Architectural Drawings
Landscape Plan
Staff ReportsApril 18, 2023 Report to COW
Staff Report to ADP
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2. 377-409 Gower Point Road & 689 Winn Road (The George) - Form and Character Development Permit - an application to reflect proposed minor building design changes (Reduction of 1 story in height) View webpage
Application NumbersDP-2022-20 (DPA 5)
Application MaterialsForm and Character Drawings
Landscape Drawings
Landscape Plan - update memo
Form and Character - summary of changes
The George Development Description
Horizon Site Mapping
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3. 442 Marine Drive - An application to renovate existing commercial building to enclose storage areas on the water side and to repair or replace roof.
Application Numbers DP-2022-38 (DPA 1)
DP-2022-39 (DPA 2)
DP-2022-40 (DPA 9)
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4. 456 & 458 Marine Drive - An application for a new building with 9 apartments and underground parking. A Variance application has been applied to increase the height and reduce the parking. A Flood Exemption has been applied to reduce the setback from the natural boundary
Application Numbers DP-2022-33 (DPA 5)
DP-2022-34 (DPA1)
DP-2022-35 (DPA 2)
DP-2022-36 (DPA 9)
DP-2022-37 (DPA 9)
Application MaterialsRevised Architectural Drawings
Revised Landscape Plan
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5. Block 7 Chaster Road (Gospel Rock) - Application for a Development Variance Permit to allow two proposed additional stories in height to the hotel building and increase the number rooms from 50 to 84, as well as a new form and character development permit (DPA10) including the additional stories. No changes to the landscape or building footprint are proposed, though additional parking would be provided underground. The application review process will include the opportunity for public and neighbour input on the variance request. View webpage
Application Numbers DP-2023-10 (DPA10)
Application MaterialsDesign Guidelines
Project Summary
Elevation Options
Landscape Plan
DPA Revisions and Recommendations
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6. Lot 14 Venture Way - An OCP and Zoning Amendment to remove both the split OCP and Zoning designations to permit a light-industrial development. There are currently two OCP Land Use designations on the property, Service Commercial/ Business Centre as well as Mixed Use Commercial. The OCP amendment would remove Mixed-Use Commercial for the property. The OCP amendment would also update the form and character Development Permit areas map to include this lot.
There are currently two zones on the property, Light Industrial in the north west corner, and Single Family and Two family residential zone 3 over the remaining area. The Zoning Amendment would expand the Light Industrial zone to the whole site and remove the Single Family and Two Family Residential zone 3. A Development Permit has been applied for the form and character of the proposed 15-unit light industrial building.
Application NumbersZA-2023-02
DP-2023-12 (DPA6)
Application MaterialsArchitectural Drawings
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7. 1057 Gibsons Way - Rezoning and Form and Character Development Permit applications to allow two new mixed use buildings on a vacant lot at the corner of Pratt Road and Gibsons Way. The buildings are proposed to have 5 stories each, with commercial uses at grade and residential rental apartments located above and behind, designed to be in keeping with the Mixed Use Commercial land use designation for the property in the OCP. The proposed unit composition includes: Building A - 64 residential apartment units, 3 Live-Work units and 3 Commercial Retail Units (total gross area 3,061 sq. ft.); Building B - 2 Live-Work units and 77 residential apartment units. The proposal includes both surface and underground parking and accesses from both Pratt Road and Gibsons Way.
Application NumbersZA-2023-03
Application MaterialsArchitectural Drawings
Landscape Plan
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8. 702 Gibsons Way - The Town has received an application to change the OCP and Zoning Bylaw in order to demolish the existing single family and construct 5 single family homes on the property.
Application NumbersZA-2023-04
DP-2023-14 (DPA 4)
Application MaterialsProject Summary
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9. 571 Shaw Road - Consideration of development plans for a second apartment residential building forming Phase 2 of the Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society’s affordable housing project at 571 Shaw Road
Application NumberDP-2023-16 (DPA 4)
Application MaterialsPhase 2 Development Plan
Landscape Plan
Staff ReportsStaff report to ADP
Staff report to COW
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