David Evanson - Town of Gibsons

Title: Breaching Whale

Materials: red cedar

Description: An abstract form carved from a large red cedar log with multiple coats of clear finish

Location: Lower Gibsons waterfront walkway junction

Date: 2022

Artist Statement:

My love of wood and carving has only deepened over the years. The challenge and reward of working in wood is endless. How can I do justice to such a remarkably beautiful and precious resource that, although fallen, still maintains and reflects a connection to the natural world at a time when it is needed more than ever? How to move from an organic to abstract shape that includes complex yet simple lines is the journey.

Artist Bio:

I have been carving wood for 15 years. I initially worked in First Nations style, studying under Robert Barrett, who was in turn a student of renowned Nisga master carver Norman Tait. I later studied with Tsimshan master carver Terry Starr for 7 years. More recently I have been self-taught, moving through different styles and increasingly large sizes of sculpture. My most recent pieces are primarily abstract in style.