Charman Creek Assessment

Project Background

Following noted erosion on some portions of Charman Creek, and as a planned Natural Asset Management initiative to monitor changes in the creek, staff are developing a monitoring and maintenance plan for the waterway.

As part of this plan, it is expected that the following activities will be performed:

  • Stream habitat assessment;
  • Riparian assessment;
  • Draft proposed remediation priorities for discussion;
  • Identification of streamside protection and enhancement areas (SPEA);
  • Water Temperature Data Collection; and
  • Benthic macroinvertebrate sampling.
Current Status

During the second quarter of 2021, staff continued relationship building and data sharing with the Sunshine Coast Streamkeepers Society, who act as stewards of the creek. A work party with Streamkeepers and other volunteers was held in a lower section of the creek on private property to remove invasive plant species.

Additionally, staff has engaged a Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) to perform a “Stream Stability Assessment and an Environmental Assessment Report”.

To date, two temperature loggers have been installed, one in Whitetower Park and one near the mouth of Charman Creek.

Benthic sampling is an ideal metric for monitoring longer-term stream health. As part of the Town’s Integrated Stream Management Plan, further benthic sampling was recommended. The sampling is complete and is being processed at the lab.

Next steps include preparing a field map to identify the reaches of the creek, which will be used to add habitat and riparian information. Additionally, a channel/habitat assessment survey will be conducted.

A final report from the QEP is expected to be received in Q4 2021 or Q1 2022.