Corporate Administration

Chief Administrative Officer – Emanuel Machado

The Chief Administrative Officer is responsible to Council for the efficient management of the municipal workforce, and for seeing that Council’s directions and policies are carried out. The CAO provides leadership to the Town of Gibsons and coordinates the departments in the discharge of their responsibilities.

The main tasks of the CAO are to:

  • provide advice and support to the Mayor and Council
  • ensure the direction/decisions of Mayor and Council are carried out
  • be the principle liaison between the Municipal Council and staff
  • provide leadership to the municipal workforce
  • ensure the acquisition and effective management of the fiscal, human and physical resources
  • ensure the effective functioning of all municipal operations
  • develop and maintain key relationships with other municipal and provincial organizations
  • ensure effective financial and administrative systems are in place

Director of Corporate Services / Corporate Officer – Lindsey Grist

The Corporate Services Department is the communications link between Council and other departments and the general public, providing assistance and advice to citizens with respect to Council/Committee processes, reporting procedures and decisions.

The main tasks of the Director of Corporate Services are to:

  • provide support to Council and its Committees including preparation and coordination of meetings, agendas and minutes
  • administer the corporate records management program
  • administer the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  • manage information dissemination including media releases, advertising, social media and website management
  • manage the Information Technology requirements for the organization by providing efficient delivery of technical resources to staff and ensure that they have the necessary tools to provide the best possible service to the public
  • conduct municipal elections and/or bi-elections when required
  • administer elector approval processes such as Referendums and Alternate Approval Processes
  • compose bylaws, legal notices etc.