Delegations - Town of Gibsons

Regular meetings of Council and Committee-of-the-Whole are open to the public.

Citizens may also request to appear as a delegation before Council to address issues they feel are of importance to the community.

To appear before Council, you must submit a Delegation Request Form to the Corporate Officer by 4:30 p.m. on the Monday prior to the meeting at which you wish to appear. Please note that if you use Chrome, you will need to download the form before filling it out, or the information that you have entered will be lost.

The Corporate Officer will review your request and notify you of your approval with a meeting date and time. If your request is outside the scope of the Town of Gibsons authority, staff will make every attempt to direct you to the appropriate agency. If approved as a delegation, please forward any supporting documentation for publication in the Agenda no later than the Monday of the week prior to the meeting.

If you have questions regarding appearing as a Delegation before Council, please contact the Corporate Officer by email at