Building Permits

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Building permits and important to ensure safety and conformity within the Town of Gibsons. By providing an independent review, we can ensure that the materials and methods employed on your project follow the minimum standards outlined in the BC Building Code and the Town of Gibsons’ Bylaws.


The Town of Gibsons is pleased to introduce Cloudpermit, a new online permitting system that enables you to:

  • Apply for and see the status of your Building Permit Application, anywhere and at any time;
  • Start an application and finish it later;
  • Receive email updates on the status of your permit application; and
  • Request building inspections, with results sent to your email

Additionally, your permit documents will be retained under your online profile for future reference.

Apply for a Building Permit Here

2023 Building Permit Guide 

How to Use Cloud Permit

The first time you use CloudPermit, you will need to create an account. Please refer to the following videos that explain the process:

When are Permits Required?

  • construction of all buildings or structures over 10 square meters in area (buildings/structures under 10 square meters must still meet all zoning requirements). If there is no house on the property you cannot build any type of auxiliary building of any size in residential zones.
  • all additions, renovations and alterations to existing buildings or structures (including decks, carports moved on buildings or structures over 10 square meters in area (including mobile homes)
  • in-ground swimming pools exceeding 15 squares meters in area and 1.0 meter in depth
  • retaining walls 1.2 meters or higher in height
  • plumbing installations and alterations (including hot water heating and fire sprinkler systems)
  • change of use of a building
  • construct/install new wood burning stoves and chimneys
  • the construction of a concrete pad or foundation on which equipment to be used for an industrial or commercial use is to be mounted
  • repair of a damaged building or structure
  • demolition or relocation of a building or structure

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