Town of Gibsons’ Housing Strategy - Town of Gibsons

In January 2021, following a comprehensive Sunshine Coast Housing Needs Assessment, staff provided Council with a report on the Housing Needs Report Implementation Framework, which outlines policy recommendations to address housing needs in the Town of Gibsons and on the Sunshine Coast.

At that time, Council requested additional information from staff on how best to prioritize and implement the suggested actions listed in Section 5.1 of the Housing Needs Report Implementation Framework in relation to the Town of Gibsons.

On June 15, 2021, staff presented an initial version of the Town of Gibsons’ Housing Strategy to Council for comment.

Read related Staff Report here.

The Town of Gibsons’ Housing Strategy provides more detail on the Implementation Framework, with a deeper dive into the impacts, timelines and costs required to implement each policy recommendation identified in that document.

Following some discussion, Council endorsed the Housing Strategy and asked staff to plan a workshop where the recommendations presented in the document may be further prioritized.

On October 27, 2021, Urban Matters led a workshop with Council to help them prioritize the action items and recommendations listed in the Housing Strategy.

Subsequently, an updated Housing Strategy documewas brought forward, with Council receiving it on June 14, 2022.

Read the 06-24-2022 Staff Report and Town of Gibsons Housing Strategy document here.

Town of Gibsons’ Housing Strategy – FINAL