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Gibsons Water Supply

The Town of Gibsons depends on groundwater from Aquifer 560, which is pumped from four wells throughout the Town. The groundwater meets Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines and does not require regular treatment. Chlorine is added to the system as required by Vancouver Coastal Health to ensure clean water reaches all users.

Water Use Data

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Protecting the Aquifer

FAQs: Gibsons Water Supply


Watermain Flushing


Water Zones

The Town of Gibsons is divided into three water zones, which are all serviced by Aquifer 560. Three production wells pump the groundwater to Town of Gibsons residents.

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Water Conservation

While our system can adequately meet our daily demands, water conservation efforts are important for a number of reasons: to even out water use during peak water-use times in the summer, reduce pressure on our infrastructure, and limit environmental impacts.

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Water Restrictions

Stage 1 Water Restrictions in Effect

The Town automatically moves to Stage 1 Outdoor Water Use Restrictions on May 1st each year, regardless of the weather. 

Water restrictions are part of a collaborative effort to ensure the entire Sunshine Coast has enough water throughout the year and to even-out water use when demand is at it’s highest. We also need to ensure that our water use remains within our licensed amount, that adequate water supply for firefighting be readily available  and to minimize the impact on infrastructure and the environment. 

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Water Metering

Gibsons is fortunate to have a clean fresh water supply; as a requirement of the Town’s operating permit, Vancouver Coastal Health requires the installation of backflow prevention devices on all water service connections to ensure that water from private plumbing systems cannot flow back into the Town’s drinking water distribution system. Water meters have been installed at all businesses and residences in the Town that contain a backflow prevention device. 

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Emergency Response and Contingency Plan (ERCP)

The Town must maintain an Emergency Response and Contingency Plan (ERCP) to comply with the requirements of the British Columbia Drinking Water Protection Act and the Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) Authority. The purpose of the ERCP is to guide Town staff in responding to an emergency in the Town of Gibsons water supply system in order to:

  • Provide the earliest response to an emergency
  • Ensure that water quality and public health are not compromised
  • Ensure that water for firefighting is available
  • Restore normal water supply system operation
  • Protect the natural environment from impacts associated with water supply system operation in an emergency

The ERP outlines the procedures to be taken in an emergency involving the source, transmission, storage, and distribution components of the Town of Gibsons water supply system.


Studies, Data and Reports

Water Testing and Monitoring

Annual Water Consumption

Drinking Water System Annual Report

Aquifer Mapping Study

Protecting the Aquifer – Official Community Plan

2022 Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report