Harmony Lane Project

Project Status

The Town is working in partnership with the Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society to build three rental units – one single family dwelling with a secondary suite (both 25% below market rental rates) and garden suite (market rental rate) – on the proposed property at Harmony Lane/Franklin Road.

As at October 15, 2019, the Development Permit has been issued and Building Permit issuance is forthcoming, pending finalization of the lease agreement.

In addition, Council has indicated an interest to create parcels at three other locations:

  • Beach Avenue/Glen Road
  • Bals Lane/Seaview Road
  • Glassford Road/Gower Point Road

These sites could create revenue for the Town’s Affordable Housing Fund if sold, or serve as sites for Affordable Housing projects.

Staff Reports

10-17-2017: Franklin Road / Road ends presentation
10-17-2017: Summary of Council Recommendations
05-18-2018: Affordable Housing Options for Franklin Road/Harmony Lane site