Glassford Road – Traffic Calming

In July 2020, a petition was presented to Council asking that traffic-calming measures be considered for Glassford Road, which is home to many families with small children.

In order to reduce speed and to make the road safer for all users, one solution that Council is considering, is a closure of the south end of Glassford Road, where it meets Gower Point Road near Franklin Road.

The orange line indicates where Glassford Road would be closed on a trial basis.

The closure would initially be conducted on a trial basis (for nine months to a year), so that residents’ responses and data on the consequences of the closure could be collected and analyzed.

After that, and depending on the findings, additional traffic calming measures could be implemented.

A second potential traffic-calming solution for Glassford Road is to keep the road open, reduce the speed limit from 50km/hr to 30km/hr and introduce physical measures such as speed cushions, road narrowing, or other treatments.

Before making a decision on how to proceed, Council would like to hear from neighbourhood residents on their preferences. Feedback is being collected in several ways, including through an online meeting, which was held Monday, June 7th, (view video recording of that meeting here) and an online survey, which will be open from Monday, June 14th to Monday, June 28th. (Find link to survey below.)

Additionally, a second online public information meeting has been scheduled for Monday, June 21st at 7pm (pre-register here) during which Glassford Road will be discussed in the context of an overall plan for pedestrian and cycle improvements throughout the Town. Questions and comments from the audience will be taken following the presentation.

Finally, residents are invited to submit comments directly to Council by email at: before Monday, June 28th.

In July, all comments will be gathered and presented to Council in order to help them with the decision-making process.

Take the survey here.