Glassford Road – Traffic Calming

Current Project Status
The orange bar indicates where concrete barriers will be placed.

In August 2021, the south end of Glassford Road was closed on a trial basis in order to determine if this is an effective way to create a shared neighbourhood road that is safe for all users.

To accurately determine how the closure affects local vehicular activity, traffic counts will be completed in the surrounding area before and during the closure. Additionally, staff will report to Council on the status of the road closure every two months following its implementation.

Please feel free to direct any feedback on the closure to Comments will be collected and provided to Council as part of the bi-monthly updates.

The closure is expected to run until the first quarter of 2022.


In July 2020, a petition was presented to Council asking that traffic-calming measures be considered for Glassford Road, which is home to many families with small children.

In order to reduce speed and to make the road safer for all users, a closure of the south end of Glassford Road, where it meets Gower Point Road near Franklin Road, was proposed.

In June 2021, two online community meetings and a dedicated survey were conducted to receive feedback on a proposed trial closure of Glassford Road at Gower Point Road. A total of 126 people completed the survey, with a majority (68%) of those who live on Glassford Road saying they were in favour of a trial closure.

Accordingly, on July 20 2021, Council passed a resolution to implement a six-month trial closure of Glassford Road at Gower Point Road. Read the related Staff Report:07-20-2021 here.

After that, and depending on the findings and related costs, additional traffic calming measures (such as a reduced speed limit and the introduction of physical measures such a speed cushions) may be implemented.

Community Engagement

Feedback on the traffic-calming proposals has been collected in several ways, including through an online meeting, held Monday, June 7th (view video recording of that meeting here), an online public information meeting held Monday, June 21st (view video recording of that meeting here) and an online survey, which closed on June 29th, 2021.

2021-07-12 Glassford Road Traffic Calming Survey Results

The community will also be polled for feedback at the end of the trial road closure.