Water Supply and Distribution - Town of Gibsons

Gibsons Water Supply

The groundwater that lies under the Town of Gibsons is contained in the Gibsons Aquifer. An aquifer provides a natural underground reservoir that holds and provides groundwater to wells and springs.  The Town has no need to chlorinate water from the Gibsons Aquifer as it is so pure that it can meet health standards without chemical treatment.

Water Zones

The Town of Gibsons is divided into three water zones, which are all serviced by the Gibsons Aquifer. Six production wells pump the groundwater to Town of Gibsons residents.

Water Testing and Monitoring 

The Town of Gibsons maintains a network of seven monitoring wells, and monitors and tests its drinking water on a regular basis. To view testing information and results click here.

Drinking Water System Annual Report

The Annual Report provides an overview of the Town’s water distribution system, testing, and improvements to the system. To view this document, please click here.

Emergency Response and Contingency Plan (ERCP)

The Town must maintain an Emergency Response and Contingency Plan (ERCP) to comply with the requirements of the British Columbia Drinking Water Protection Act and the Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) Authority. The purpose of the ERCP is to guide Town staff in responding to an emergency in the Town of Gibsons water supply system in order to:

  • Provide the earliest response to an emergency
  • Ensure that water quality and public health are not compromised
  • Ensure that water for firefighting is available
  • Restore normal water supply system operation
  • Protect the natural environment from impacts associated with water supply system operation in an emergency

The ERP outlines the procedures to be taken in an emergency involving the source, transmission, storage, and distribution components of the Town of Gibsons water supply system.