Walk or Cycle Gibsons

The Town of Gibsons is committed to supporting the development of a comprehensive active transportation network that will enable residents and visitors to safely walk or bike to various locations within the Town.

In 2018, the Town constructed a low gradient, multi-use pathway along one section of Gibsons Way, as well as an at-grade bike lane and separated sidewalk along another section, to create a connector between Lower Gibsons and Upper Gibsons.

In March 2021, the Town announced that we had received a $675,000 grant which will be used to complete safe, continuous links between the tourism centres of Lower Gibsons and Upper Gibsons. Read more about that project here.

In fall 2021, we completed the Gibsons Connector project by constructing a downhill bike lane between School Road and North Fletcher Road and modifying North Fletcher so that it is more accessible for all user groups.

Additionally, the Town is currently working to implement traffic-calming measures on Glassford Road and Gower Point Road.

Virtually all of our active transportation projects include input from Transportation Choices – Sunshine Coast (TraC).

We also actively support Sustainable Sunshine Coast, a newly launched initiative spearheaded by Sunshine Coast Tourism, which is focused on encouraging alternative transportation and supporting tourism businesses and experiences that are better for the environment. Read “A Local’s Tips for Cycling the Lower Sunshine Coast” here.

Mobility Friendly Trail Guide

Published in April 2019: this Sunshine Coast user-friendly trail guide, specifically designed for the mobility-challenged (including young children). Featured trails are all low gradient and trail profiles help users make an informed decision about which trails best suit their abilities. Download a copy here:

Sunshine Coast User-Friendly Trail Guide & Log low resolution

(will download and print faster, but quality will not be as good)

Sunshine Coast User-Friendly Trail Guide & Log hi resolution

(will download and print more slowly, but quality will be better)



Illustrated Maps of Gibsons
Illustrated map of Gibsons.
Illustrated walking map of Gibsons Landing.
Click here to view a Cycling Map for the Town of Gibsons and Surrounding Area.
Click here to view a digital trail map for the Sprockids Mountain Bike park.


Cycling in Gibsons – Frequently Asked Questions

What do the painted symbols on the road mean?

Photo from School Road
These are called ‘Sharrows’ (think ‘Share Arrows’). When these symbols are marked in the middle of the lane as they are on the downhill section of School Road, cyclists and motorized vehicles merge with each other single file. When lane widths permit, sharrows are marked off to the side of a lane indicating that cyclists are to position themselves to the side of the lane, allowing enough room for other vehicles to pass safely.
Photo from Glassford/Gower Point intersection
A white diamond painted on the road surface marks reserved lanes. Reserved lane signs are also placed over or beside lanes that are reserved for certain types of transit, for example cyclists or buses. Cars must refrain from driving in these reserved lanes.

Can I park in the bike lane while I am waiting to pick up my children from school?
No, it is not legal to park in a bike lane, at any time, even if you remain with your vehicle.
Bylaw Enforcement will be ticketing illegally parked vehicles. Please note that you cannot park on the sidewalks either.