Smoking Control Bylaw

Hundreds of communities across Canada have embraced Smoking Control Bylaws to restrict or ban smoking in public outdoor spaces for a number of reasons. The Town of Gibsons is in the process of adopting the Smoking Control Bylaw. To see the proposed Bylaw please click here. The focus is on increased public awareness and education about the Bylaw and the health issues associated with exposure to second-hand smoke.

Thank you to all of those who participated in the Smoking Control Bylaw survey. Results from community input and follow up information regarding the proposed Smoking Control Bylaw can be found in the June 21, 2016 staff report to Council here.

Where will smoking by prohibited?
The Smoking Control Bylaw proposes to prohibit smoking in the following places:

1. In a building, except in:

  1. a dwelling unit other than a dwelling unit in which a business to which employees or the public are invited is carried on therein;
  2. a hotel or motel room or suite designated for smoking by a responsible person;
  3. enclosed premises:
    1. that are not open to the public, and
    2. where the only occupants are the owner or owners of the business carried on in the premises;

2. in a vehicle for hire;

  1. in any public transit vehicle, including a school bus, passenger bus, water taxi, or ferry;
  2. in or within 7.5 metres of a building, transit stop or transit shelter where people wait to board a vehicle for hire or public transit vehicle, provided that, subject to the other provisions of this Bylaw;

3. within 7.5 metres measured on the ground from a point directly below any opening into any building including any door or window that opens or any air intake.

4. Person must not smoke within 7.5 metres of:

  1. any park, public beaches and public trails;
  2. the grounds of any Town building used for public recreation.

Are electronic cigarettes or personal vaporizers included in the bylaw?
Yes, electronic smoking devices and any other oral smoking devices are included in the bylaw.
In March 2015, BC became the latest province to regulate electronic cigarettes, with legislation designed to prevent young people from using the devices or being exposed to their vapour. The current Provincial legislation bans e-cigarette sales to people under 19 and prohibits their use in indoor public spaces and workplaces. It also bans e-cigarettes on school grounds and at health facilities.

The primary goal is voluntary compliance with the Smoking Control Bylaw through education. Signage and education will serve as reminders to individuals. If enforcement is necessary, the Town of Gibsons Bylaw enforcement officers and Health Inspectors have the power to issue tickets to offenders.
For more information about other smoking restriction enactments and legislation, please visit: