Gibsons’ Urban Forest Photo Contest - Town of Gibsons

Voting is now closed.

The winner of the urban forest photo contest is…

Area between the Public Market and the Seawalk – Dyan Delaney

Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo!

Pacific Garden plantings in Heritage Hill – Cheri LePage

Arrowhead Park – Patsy Baker

Top of Inglis Trail – Judy Ellefson

Inglis Trail – Robyn Edmonds

Parkland – Anne Elliott

Inglis Trail – Bob Cotter

Inglis Trail by Bob Cotter

Inglis Trail forest – Lana Brandt

North star view from Gospel Rock – Alan Sirulnikoff

Park at the end of Franklin Road – Peter Williamson

Moonrise over Bayview Heights – Deanna Cattanach

Inglis Trail – Kerrie Towner

A photo of Inglis Trail

Charman Creek Trail – David Marmorek

Sitka Spruce in White Tower Park – Robyn Hanson

Foreshore looking up to Mt. Elphinstone – Kendrick Carnes

Honourable Mention: We appreciate these submissions but they do not meet the criteria for voting.

*Soames is not within Town of Gibsons boundaries.

Soames – Crystal Lau

Soames trail with the sun peaking in through the trees.

Pine Trees in Jack’s Lane – Georgina Brandon

East side of Keats Island – Melissa V