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TraC/Connect the Coast Initiative

Director of Transportation Choices Sunshine Coast (TraC) Alun Wooliams presented the Connect the Coast Initiative for a cycling and pedestrian path that would connect Sunshine Coast communities from Langdale to Lund. TraC is requesting the Town of Gibsons’ partnership on the Green Municipal Fund Grant application to fund the feasibility study. Council will make a decision at the Council meeting on December 5, 2023.

Partnership with SFU Centre for Community Dialogue

Representatives from the SFU Centre for Dialogue presented their Renovate the Public Hearing partnership with the Town of Gibsons. The goal is to create stronger public engagement practices, enhance transparency, improve accessibility, and promote more equitable and effective land use decision-making processes. Council approved a partnership for SFU to run a Residents’ Assembly during the upcoming Official Community Plan (OCP) Update that will bring recommendations to Council.

Zoning Bylaw Update Approval

Council pre-approved funding from the 2024 budget to update the Town’s Zoning Bylaw in coordination with the upcoming OCP Update. This investment will ensure the Town’s Zoning Bylaw is aligned with the OCP. Members of Council noted the provincial government is announcing grant funding for these initiatives, which Gibsons stands a good shot at getting since we’re ready to update both documents.

Student Consultation Report

Student representative Cael Read presented a report from a student consultation held at Elphinstone in June which featured discussions on development in Gibsons, active transportation, transit, road infrastructure, recreation and other community issues. The general consensus was that students were “generally supportive of larger and taller developments” if they include “a significant proportion of affordable housing” and are “considerate of the character of the surrounding area.”

Council Remuneration

In its first remuneration update in five years, Council resolved to align mayoral remuneration with the average annual income of a full-time worker in Gibsons according to the Canadian Census, and to set councillor remuneration at 40% of this rate. A bylaw amendment to confirm this will be further considered by Council on November 21.

Other Items

Council rejected a request from the developer of 464 Eaglecrest Drive to waive the required fees of getting a new building permit.

Council approved a renewal of a form and character development permit for 741 Hillcrest Road that had expired.

Council granted authorization to prioritize the removal and disposal of knotweed-contaminated soil from near Charman Creek as part of Climate Adaptation Through Natural Assets Project funded by the federal Canada Community Building Fund.


The full agenda and related reports from this meeting can be viewed at Gibsons – Meeting Information (

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