Holland Lands - Town of Gibsons

The Holland Lands (view from Town Hall)
PHASE 1: February/March 2018
  1. Plant 8 trees on the Holland Lands: These trees will help manage groundwater in the area, increase carbon absorption, provide shade for summer markets and be placed so that their roots have plenty of space to grow, without damaging nearby infrastructure.
  2. Install Electric Vehicle charging station: This will help promote the use of electric vehicles, while also supporting the Town’s goal to reduce community-wide GHG emissions by 7% from 2007 levels, by 2030.
  3. Remove the landscaping tree causing most infrastructure damage and permanently repair sidewalks: In the interest of public safety, one tree which had outgrown its planting site and was causing sidewalks to buckle was removed.
PHASE 2: Ongoing to 2022
  1. Phased removal of other landscaping trees that are causing infrastructure damage.
  2. Phased replacement of relevant sidewalk panels, as the risk of root damage is removed.

The Town of Gibsons wishes to thank BC Hydro and Tree Canada for providing a grant to purchase the replacement trees for the Holland Lands. The grant came via the BC Hydro Community ReGreening program, which helps with the regreening efforts of municipalities, regional districts, and First Nations communities.