Glassford Lot Creation

Staff have identified a number of undeveloped road ends that could a) be used to create lots for affordable housing use or b) be sold, with the proceeds directed to the Affordable Housing Reserve Fund.

One of these lots is within the road dedication where the south end of Glassford Road meets with Gower Point Road, near Franklin Road.

Currently, a trial closure of Glassford Road at Gower Point Road is underway, with the closure expected to last into the second quarter of 2022.

No further work on the potential development of a lot on the Glassford Road end will occur until the results of the trial road closure have been received.

The closure of Glassford Road does not create a larger area for a potential lot.

Additionally, even if the south end of Glassford Road is closed permanently, it does not mean that the Town will move forward with the idea to create a new lot at the road end.