The Gibsons Aquifer

Water underpins the health and vitality of our community.

What is our aquifer?
Underneath the Town of Gibsons there is a confined aquifer that provides a natural underground reservoir that holds and provides groundwater to our wells and springs. About 75% of the Town of Gibsons depends on groundwater pumped from three wells located in Lower Gibsons (significantly above the 22% average of British Columbians reliant on groundwater). The Town has no need to chlorinate water from the Gibsons Aquifer as it is so pure that it can meet health standards without chemical treatment. Upper Gibsons is supplied from the Sunshine Coast Regional District’s (SCRD) treated surface water source. Unlike Gibsons, the SCRD disinfects its drinking water by a series of steps that includes chlorination.

Our confined aquifer is a pristine water source that won our town recognition at the 2005 Berkeley Spring International Water Tasting Contest as having the best drinking water in the world. Important components include the aquifer itself, the aquitard (or a “lid” of low permeability that protects the aquifer), and recharge areas upslope. The following diagrams can help us visualize the aquifer, the aquitard, and the recharge areas.

What does our aquifer provide?
Our aquifer provides us with potable water of excellent quality, as well as water purification and water storage services.

Aquifer Mapping
The Aquifer Mapping Program is part of a long term initiative by the Town to sustain and protect the Gibsons Aquifer which currently provides two thirds of the Town’s water supply. View more information on the Aquifer Mapping Study here.

“We’re proud of our water system and aquifer and feel highly motivated to protect it. We’ve designed our policies and infrastructure with a strong conservation goal in mind, yet we also need our community members to recognize the important role they play in determining our rate of water usage.” – Mayor Rowe