Shaw Road Cycling

Shaw Road Cycle Lanes

The Town of Gibsons hosted an Open House on Thursday, November 3rd regarding the proposed installation of cycle lanes on Shaw Road to complete a new link between Upper and Lower Gibsons. If you would like to provide staff and Council with feedback on the proposed plan, please submit your comments to the Town by Wednesday, November 9th. The Town has been provided a provincial grant to create a cycling link between Upper and Lower Gibsons. The majority of this funding was used to create the new low gradient trail (recently named Helen’s Way).

The gradual incline of Helen’s Way provides access to a wide range of users including bicycles, scooters and pedestrians through a wooded natural environment.

Once users reach Shaw Road, cyclists are currently expected to share Shaw Road with vehicles. The terms of the grant requires the Town to provide facilities for cyclists on Shaw Road from Inglis Road to Gibsons Way. Council is considering creating dedicated bike lanes on both sides of Shaw Road.

In order to create these bike lanes, the on-street parking along Shaw Road, between Inglis Road and Davis Road would be eliminated. The shoulder along O’Shea Road, opposite Christenson Village would be widened to provide additional parking for drivers in that vicinity. Minor improvements are being considered on other side streets where viable.

In a recent survey by TRaC ( found the three main barriers to cycling on the Sunshine Coast include:
  • poor bike lane design or lack of bike lanes;
  • safety on cycling routes; and
  • cycling routes that are busy and shared with vehicles.
79% of the respondents stated that building dedicated bikes lanes to increase cycling safety was very important, while 54% also thought that it was very important to connect cycling routes.

The proposed Shaw Road cycle lane would provide a safe connection from Upper to Lower Gibsons for all modes of active transportation.

The following survey was used to gather input from the public on this proposal and a summary of the results have been provided for Council's review.