Water Regulations

The Town has ended all water restrictions, effective Monday, September 20th.

In early September, the Town moved from Stage 2 to Stage 3 water restrictions in order to supply the SCRD with water on a temporary, emergency basis.

On September 20, 2021, the SCRD declared that its water emergency was effectively over and that it was returning to Stage 1 Water Conservation Regulations, following heavy rains over the weekend.

Accordingly, the Town is no longer supplying the SCRD with supplemental water.

It is anticipated that the SCRD will supply an equivalent amount of the borrowed water to the Town during the latter part of this year, when the Chapman Lake reservoir has been replenished through rainfall.

Read Press Release: Town of Gibsons to Move to Stage 3 Water Restrictions here.

View 08-31-2021 Special Council Meeting re: temporary supply of water to SCRD here.

If you have a concern about water conservation or sprinkling, please call 604-886-2274 or email us at: info@gibsons.ca.