Water Regulations

Currently, all three water zones in the Town of Gibsons are at Stage 2 (Moderate) water use restrictions. Please see table below for details.

Update September 2020: All three water zones in the Town of Gibsons will remain at Stage 2 for the next few months, while we monitor and evaluate the impact of adding Zone 3 (Upper Gibsons) to the aquifer service area. Additionally, our aquifer and water supply system are two of the Town’s most precious assets and it is important that we use only what we need. Holding water restrictions at Stage 2 helps conserve these resources for the future. We will provide updates on our water use regulations as needed.

If you have a concern about water conservation or sprinkling, please call 604-886-2274 or email us at: info@gibsons.ca.

The time for establishing new lawns is spring. 21-day permits for extra watering of a new lawn are sold at Town Hall during Stage 1 (Normal) outdoor water use.