Current Water Projects - Town of Gibsons

Current Projects

Skyline Drive Watermain

The existing watermain on Skyline Drive is aging and in need of replacement. Approximately 480m of new watermain is to be installed on Skyline Drive and Avalon Drive. The new watermain will be upsized to accommodate the current and future capacity needs. The design and permitting for this work are currently being progressed, with construction estimated for 2025.

Well 3 Upgrades

Upgrades are planned on Well 3 due to recent operational issues. These upgrades includes both mechanical and electrical components to help Town staff operate and monitor the well more efficiently. This work is currently in the design phase and is scheduled to be completed in late 2024.

School Road Reservoir Condition Assessment

The existing water reservoir on School Road is dated and in need of a detailed condition assessment. An engineering firm has been acquired by the Town to provide a seismic and condition assessment of the structure and to provide recommendations for upgrades. The assessment will be completed in fall 2024 and will be followed by any upgrades as required.

Recently Completed Projects:

Aquifer Service Expansion
Well 6 (Oceanmount)

Ongoing Projects:

Replacement of Asbestos-cement Watermains 

Over 50% of the Town’s watermains, representing approximately 18 kms of pipe, are constructed of asbestos cement. Asbestos cement pipe was a popular pipe material in the 1960s and 1970s and used extensively across North America.

The use of asbestos cement pipe has been well studied and documented with regards to health and is not considered a health risk; however, it is prone to breakage. Due to the high leakage and failure rate the Town is taking a proactive approach to replacing all its asbestos cement watermains in combination with the Town’s pavement renewal program.

On hold

Winn Road Water Dispenser