Advisory Bike Lanes – Shaw Road - Town of Gibsons

Advisory Bike Lanes in Gibsons

The Town of Gibsons installed sharrows and a Northbound advisory bike lane on Shaw Road in May 2018. While similar to standard bike lanes (which are marked on pavement by solid white lines), advisory bike lanes are used on narrow low-volume streets and are marked with dashed lines. Advisory bike lanes give cyclists riding space, but are also available for vehicles if needed to pass oncoming traffic. This concept has been used in other towns and cities in Canada and the US, but not on the Sunshine Coast.

There are many residential two-way streets where cars and bikes negotiate relatively narrow roads already; advisory bike lanes simply formalize the existing rules of the road, while the painted lines remind drivers of the space they are required to give cyclists.

 Advisory Bike Lanes in GibsonsClick here to view the YouTube video from the City of Ottawa to see how advisory bike lanes work.
Shaw Road Cycle Lanes – History
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