Property Taxes – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I pay my Property Taxes? 
A: You can pay your taxes through the internet, telephone banking, post-dated cheques, by regular mail, via PayTM Canada, or in-person.

**As in-person services at Town Hall are limited due to COVID-19, we ask that you please pay your property taxes online, via telephone banking, by mail, or by PayTM Canada, if at all possible. Thanks!

  • ONLINE / TELEPHONE BANKING: The most convenient way to pay your taxes is through internet or telephone banking. This option is available with most financial institutions. You will need to add the Town of Gibsons as a payee. Your “Roll” number, on the top left hand side of your tax notice, is your account number. Please ensure your online payment is made a few days before the deadline so that your payment is received by us by July 2, 2020. Also, don’t forget to claim your Homeowner Grant!
  • POSTDATED CHEQUES: An excellent way to avoid the last minute rush and line-ups and ensure your payment is received on time! You may mail or drop off your post-dated cheque any time prior to the deadline.
  • BY MAIL: Please ensure cheques are mailed in plenty of time to reach the Town office by July 2, 2020. Note: postmarks are not acceptable as proof of payment. Mail to Box 340, Gibsons, BC V0N 1V0. Please note that mail lost or delayed by the Post Office will be subject to penalties.
  • VIA PAYTM CANADA: use your Canadian credit card or debit card to pay online. Click here to learn more.
  • IN PERSON: Cash and/or cheques may be brought into the Town Office. Credit cards are not accepted. To assist us in serving you, please have your cheque and Homeowner Grant filled out prior to arrival. Town Hall is located at 474 South Fletcher Road in Gibsons. The office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding statutory holidays.

Q: I didn’t receive my property tax notice. What should I do? 
A: If you haven’t received your tax notice by mid-June, please contact our office and we will provide you with a copy. If you are a new owner, our records may not yet reflect the change of ownership and the tax notice may have been sent to the previous owner. If you have changed your mailing address, it is important that you advise us so we mail your notice to the correct address.

Q: Can I pay my taxes monthly? 
A: Yes, you can make periodic installments on your taxes throughout the year. The frequency of the payments is up to you. The most convenient way is to set up the payment online through your financial institution. You will need to add the Town of Gibsons as a payee. Your “Roll” number is your account number. You can find your Roll number on the top left hand side of your tax notice. There is no minimum or maximum amount for your payment. If you would like assistance estimating your monthly payment, or want to know your roll number, please contact our office. We also accept post-dated cheques. You can mail or drop them off at our office and we will deposit them on the date listed on the cheque.

Q: How do I claim my Home Owner Grant? 
A: You can apply for your Home Owner Grant online or when you pay in person.


  • The Town of Gibsons provides residents the ability to electronically submit their Home Owner Grants (eHog). Claim your online grant here.
  • To apply online for the grant, you will need your “Roll” number and password, both of which you can find on the bottom portion of your tax notice.
  • If you have recently purchased the property, and your name does not appear on the Property Tax Notice, please contact the Finance Department at 604-886-2274 to acquire a new one.


  • You can claim your grant at the same time you pay your taxes. Whether you pay in person or mail us a post-dated cheque for your taxes owing, please be sure to include your completed and signed Homeowner Grant application. This is the “tear-off” bottom portion of your tax notice. Simply fill out and sign the tear-off portion and include this with your payment.

Additional information on the Home Owner Grant is available here.

Q: I don’t agree with my assessment. What do I do?
A: The Town is not involved in determining assessed values. Please contact the BC Assessment website or call 1-866-825-8322.