Public Art Advisory Committee


The Public Art Advisory Committee was first appointed by Council in 2006, to respond to interest expressed by the community in acquiring and displaying art to culturally enrich public spaces, including those in new developments.

After completing several public art projects, the Committee was eventually disbanded and does not currently exist.

However, it is not forgotten and some past members have expressed interest in seeing it re-established. Additionally, the Town’s new Strategic Plan recognizes the importance of public art and there is increased opportunity to acquire public art that will help to distinguish our community and to foster a sense of pride and attachment to public spaces and buildings.

Current Status

On December 17, 2019, a report by Mayor Bill Beamish on reconvening a Public Art Advisory Committee was received by Council, with the recommendations:

On February 18, 2020, a report to Council will be made about the formation of the Committee and its proposed Terms of Reference. After that, members of the public will be invited to apply for a position on the Committee.


The mandate of the Public Art Advisory Committee is to advise Council on the implementation of public art policies and projects for the Town of Gibsons.

The Committee will incorporate best practices with the aim to:

  • Strengthen and enhance civic pride and the identity of the community;
  • Recognize and preserve our cultural heritage and artistic diversity;
  • Increase the number of public art projects undertaken;
  • Increase the opportunities for local artists to create and display their work;
  • Increase public awareness and appreciation of visual arts through the display of public art works;
  • Engage the community in discussions and decisions regarding public art projects;
  • Incorporate artwork and beautification in both public and private developments of significance; and
  • Leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

The Committee will consist of up to 7 members. The Committee will reflect Gibsons’ cultural diversity and geographic setting.

Membership will be determined as follows:

One (1) Municipal Councillor;

One (1) representative of the Gibsons Public Art Gallery; and

Up to five (5) representative(s) of the community at large with knowledge of or experience in the following:

  • Fine or Visual arts;
  • Architecture;
  • Design;
  • Urban planning;
  • General interest in community-based art programming.

Read the complete Terms of Reference for more information on the Public Art Advisory Committee’s Duties and Responsibilities, Appointment and Membership, and Meetings.